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When change is constant, writing can be a powerful expression. Sententia evokes not only ways of living, but ways of knowing, ways of being and thinking and writing, which, in times of flux, open the possibility for transformation and writerly acts of resistance. If we have the power to make our own stories and spaces and selves, then how do we activate sententia as a call to writerly action and resistance? How do we activate a call to dismantle and decolonize dominant “instruction in living” and make our own paths? How do we explore diverse ways of acting, speaking, living, knowing, being, thinking, writing—and languaging—in sonic acts of sententia?


“Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.” –Frida Kahlo

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the PWSA's fifth annual undergraduate symposium
Cristina Morriello

Cristina Morriello is a fourth-year English student at Lakehead University. She was diagnosed with autism when she was thirteen and through her writing, she wants to promote autism acceptance with characters she wishes she had as a teenager. She hopes to be a YA author and screenwriter one day.

Ayyub Hussain

Ayyub Hussain is a first-year Criminology student who hopes to make a living as a writer one day. When he is not writing, he can be seen on his phone either listening to music or typing ideas for projects. Sentenia is Ayyub’s first experience as a PWSA Symposium panelist.

Rebecca Wallace

Rebecca Wallace is a second-year English and Professional Writing Student at York University. As an avid bookworm, she’s always held a great appreciation for books and aspires to become an editor. When she’s not studying, she enjoys playing the guitar and listening to music. Sententia is Rebecca’s first PWSA Symposium.

Dunja Dudarin

Dunja Dudarin is a third-year Professional Writing student who is aspiring to become a better reader and writer through her time at York University. She is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief at Inventio, and a Junior Editor at Existere—Journal of Arts and Literature, where she is learning with others and having a good time doing so.

Atena Bazargan

Atena Bazargan is currently completing her Psychology degree and will continue her studies at York University with a double major in English and Creative Writing. She aspires to become a professor of literature and an author.

Yuwai Brian Wong

Yuwai Brian Wong is a Professional Writing student. He is passionate about learning and hopes to find purpose through his work. In his spare time, Brian enjoys playing and listening to all genres of music.

Royce Luu

Royce Luu (he/him) is a fourth-year Professional Writing student at York University with particular interests in journalism and book publishing. When he is not agonizing over words, he’s usually buried in a book, listening to metal, or editing friends’ cover letters.

Yun Hsu

Yun Hsu is a third-year student in the English and Professional Writing program at York University. She is currently the Senior Editor for Art at Existere—Journal of Arts and Literature as well as a Junior Editor for Inventio.

Selena Loureiro

Selena Loureiro is a third-year Professional Writing major with a passion for writing stories with purpose. She hopes her work will make her readers reflect, if only for a moment, in their lives and the world around them. When she’s not writing, Selena spends her time reading, sewing, and designing.

Mahmoodulhasan Bhaiyat

Mahmoodulhasan Bhaiyat is in his third year of studying Kinesiology. While his academic studies mostly involve aspects of the body, he loves learning about the parts of people that can't be observed under a microscope. He also enjoys creating and consuming art, especially Arabic poetry.

sententia panels

5th Annual undergraduate symposium

As Defined by

Cristina Morriello
Autistic Girl vs. YA World
Unbuttoning the Kurta
Selena Loureiro
Silent Fragments

Diverging selves

Atena Bazargan
Making Meaning: The Unaddressed Discomfort in Comfort
Dunja D &
Yun Hsu

unbecoming of our age
Rebecca Wallace
The depth of doubt

getting t/here


Yuwai Brian Wong
Mahmoodulhasan Bhaiyat
Guide Your Hunger: How Fasting Helps You Reclaim The Reigns

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